Beneath blues skies an historic gem in the crown of Beaufort's Sea Islands beckons you to step into a bygone era. Pick Pocket Plantation is a mid-19th century plantation meticulously restored. Furnished with period antiques and surrounded by classic farm structures Pick Pocket takes one back to simpler times. Open for tours Monday through Saturday visitors will be taken through the house by the Victorian Ladies, Miss Millie and Miss Kim, in period costume and then stroll the plantation grounds to view the many outbuildings.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Victorian Ladies Society of Beaufort

Step back in time as you meander down the dirt drive of Pick Pocket Plantation
with this mid-19th century Victorian farmhouse looming before you.
 The Victorian era was named for the reigning Queen Victoria and encompassed a time of splender, beauty, graciousness, and dignity.
If you marvel at the simple beauty of stained glass,
 the velvety petals of a rose,
 the mystery behind antique photos,
 or the intracacies of carved cameos
 then the Victorian Ladies Society of Beaufort is the place for you.
 We will meet the second Saturday of each month at Pick Pocket Plantation for tea...
 and conversation with others who share a love of times gone by.
 Join us on the second Saturday of September at 9:00 AM at Pick Pocket Plantation
for the first meeting of this history loving group of ladies.
 A presentation will take place at each meeting about a different aspect of Victorian life ranging from fashion to jewelry, architecture, mourning practices, and other fascinating areas.
Future activities include day trips to historic mansions in surrounding areas, visits to teahouses, a Victorian literature book club, and special Victorian events held at Pick Pocket Plantation.
For more information about the society please contact us at
812-3589 (Kim)
271-1869 (Millie)
We are looking forward to making your aquaintance:).
Millie and Kim


  1. Sounds wonderful! Wish I were closer and could attend. SC

  2. Oh I would so like to visit this wonderful home. I want to retire one of theses days and just go home huntin. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  3. So lovely indeed wish I was closer as well to visit...glad to have found you..

  4. I love the images you've shown of the house and would love to see more. I build 3D models of homes and would love to see a floor plan of this house. Is there one available that I could find online? I want to attempt to recreate the home in a 3D environment. Thanks! :)