Beneath blues skies an historic gem in the crown of Beaufort's Sea Islands beckons you to step into a bygone era. Pick Pocket Plantation is a mid-19th century plantation meticulously restored. Furnished with period antiques and surrounded by classic farm structures Pick Pocket takes one back to simpler times. Open for tours Monday through Saturday visitors will be taken through the house by the Victorian Ladies, Miss Millie and Miss Kim, in period costume and then stroll the plantation grounds to view the many outbuildings.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas at Pick Pocket

It's Christmas time at Pick Pocket Plantation
where the true meaning of the season is plain to see.
Evidence of days gone by.
Sparkling berries add a colorful Christmas touch to a transferware pitcher.
Mantels are bedecked in Christmas finery.
Touches of natures bounty are abundant throughout the house.
Let's take a stroll...
and see what's going on down by the warming house.
Hmmm...looks like an old-fashioned cane grinding!
You start with the sugar cane...
which goes into the cane grinder...
and from there to a heated cauldron.
Mr. Keith stirs the syrup...
and then skims it.
The syrup cooks for a few hours and then becomes pure cane syrup-yummmm!
But the fun isn't over yet!
Join us for the annual Christmas parade downtown!
We rode in style in Mr. Keith's 1952 anniversary edition convertable Cadillac!
No one seemed to notice us just the fabulous car!
See y'all back at the plantation!
Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 19, 2010

From Bodice to Bloomers

Today at Pick Pocket Plantation a special event, From Bodice to Bloomers,
was performed.
Guests learned about a Victorian lady's wardrobe from the inside out.
A display of hats and bonnets.

The program began with the unmentionables,
you know,

Guests were presented with information about a lady's under garments beginning with
a chemise and bloomers...

then the corset...

chemisette and hoops...


and finally the bodice, skirt, hat, and parasol.

After the presentation guests toured the plantation house and enjoyed tea and orange-cranberry-vanilla scones with homemade apple butter.
For more information about booking an event such as From Bodice to Bloomers
contact Millie at 843-271-1869 for availability.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haunted Plantation Tour

Last Saturday night was the first annual Haunted Plantation Tour at Pick Pocket Plantation!
After touring the plantation house, tour guests enjoyed homemade apple cider and cookies around an open fire while hearing the haunting tales of the plantation and local Beaufort.
Tour guides, Kim and Millie, donned in mourning attire also shared information about Victorian mourning practices.
Join us this Saturday, October 23rd, for a special tour of the plantation house and grounds which includes the making of apple butter by Mr. Keith!
For more information about tour times and ticket prices call Millie at 843-271-1869!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cider Time!

One of the best things about Fall is apple cider!
At Pick Pocket Plantation the making of cider is an annual tradition.
Of course, we start with fresh North Carolina apples.
Mr. Keith himself makes this delicious cider at the packing shed on the plantation grounds.
First the apples are washed and rinsed.
From the rinse cycle the apples are put through this machine.
Mr. Keith hand cranks the apples through which results in...
apple cider:).
This homemade apple cider will be served piping hot around a campfire tonight on the plantation grounds as guests are told spine-tingling tales of local ghostly lore.
There are still a few tickets left for those who dare to be scared!
For more information on tonights' Haunted Plantation Tour contact Millie at 843-271-1869.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pick Pocket Plantation

Welcome to Pick Pocket Plantation, the best kept secret in Beaufort, SC.
Stroll the grounds and enjoy the the many outbuildings typical of 19th century plantations.
A tour guide in period attire will take you through this beautifully restored and furnished Victorian farmhouse.
Join us at Pick Pocket Plantation and experience the splendor of days gone by.